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Oltremondo labels

All our labels have been interpreted by artists and “special”  artist of the “Lapsus” association. Thanks to their creativity and their skills every label of our beers tells a story to which we would like to participate too. See you soon for an explanation of the whole project and to get to know our designers



Inizia tutto nel garage di casa insieme ad amici e famiglia sperimentando il «gioco» della birra...


our history

Everything started in the home garage, with friends and family, experiencing the “game” of brewing beer…  growing the idea of crafting beer, the “game” grew, became a dream and a life project.

In 2011, Filippo, Matteo and Riccardo, rented a small plot of land and started growing barley for brewing beer, thus starting the Oltremondo (Otherworld) Farmer Brewery project.

At the end of 2014, with hard work and sacrifice, the small plot of land became a 53-hectare farm and finally the brewery started its production, always with friends and family, never forgetting the atmosphere of the old home garage and the desire of being together and brewing beer.

In February 2015, the restaurants, pubs and shops that believed in the Oltremondo project started to offer the first Oltremondo beers: Maesa, Ventora, Mamana, Rola, Blugla and Nuzziale. In the same year, the Oltremondo farm stated its conversion to organic farming.

In September 2017 we held the first “Oltremondo in festa” event: a successful annual party full of music, food, fun and lots of beer in pure “Farmer Style”.

With Mareggia, Ripa, Mamana Fresh Hop and Maffetta, today we brew 10 different beers.

The future is open, this is just the beginning!!

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un unico marchio, tante interpretazioni diverse

Tutte le nostre etichette sono state interpretate da artisti e da ragazzi “speciali” dell’associazione “Lapsus” di Senigallia (AN) oltre che da designer e  grafici della scuola ACCA di Jesi. Grazie alla loro creatività ed alle loro abilità ogni etichetta delle nostre birre racconta una storia a cui vorremmo partecipaste anche voi. A presto per la spiegazione di tutto il progetto e per conoscere i nostri designer